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NLP is short for Neurolinguistic Programming: It’s a psychological tool that uses language to bypass the conscious, critical brain and go straight to the subconscious mind. Once there, the practitioner can amend existing belief systems so that the client, you, have new experiences leading you to your desired outcome.


I use a certain combination of questions, trance, language patterns and guided visualisations so you let me access the emotional core and belief system behind the challenges you’re facing.We’ll amend the internal experience of whatever is blocking you naturally move forward. We’ll also install new emotional and behavioural patterns to ease the way you achieve your goals.

Instead of spending many months or even years analysing and talking about WHY you feel the way you feel, we’re simply pulling out the root cause of your feeling within your programming. You can now stop feeling the way you felt because you’re finally free.


  • Overcoming fears, f.e. fear of public speaking
  • Increasing confidence, f.e. lack of self-belief or anxiety
  • Quitting unwanted behaviours, f.e. procrastination
  • Limiting beliefs around self, others, business
  • Trauma and phobia


The theory I base my coaching on is Positive PsychologyIt puts emphasis on guiding the conscious mind away from what ‘doesn’t work’ to what DOES work. It’s a solution-oriented approach to a more positive outlook on life in general and to increasing your overall wellbeing specifically.

I take a very holistic approach in my coaching. My various trainings and certifications allow me to intuitively tap into your individual situation and apply what’s needed at each moment in time.

For example: When working with anxiety, there may be more to it than your past programming. You may have formed lifestyle habits that are fuelling your anxiety. That’s why we’ll have a holistic look at your body and mind to make adjustments in the areas needed. This would be Lifestyle Coaching

Another example could be that you’re tired of your job and dream of being an entrepreneur. You want to start a health business. Now you may face these problems:

  • You’re afraid to put yourself out there and don’t know how to get started.
  • You may not believe yourself to be healthy enough to run a health business.

I’d apply a variety of tools: I’d use NLP Coaching to get to the root of your beliefs about being seen and what ‘healthy enough’ really means to you. We’ll find out what programs you’re running in the back of your mind. Then we’ll deal with them and create more effective ones.

Next, I’ll use classic Life Coaching tools to help you create strategies that move you forward in setting up your business while keeping to fine-tune your mind programs. This may also go in line with forming new lifestyle habits to become the ‘healthy’ role model that you desire to be. This would be Food & Wellness Coaching

You can already tell now how I use a variety of tools in each session. It all depends on the client, their story and needs. Interested in working with me?

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    Helene very quickly made me feel relaxed and I felt no judgement from her when explaining what was going on in my life, I felt very safe in her presence. We got to work and she skilfully began unpicking what was at the root cause of what was bordering me and helping me bring closure to those items and empowering me to move on with my life and let go of the past. Helene brings a high level of skill and life experience into each session and meets you with compassion, empathy and reassurance and complete confidentiality. I cannot recommend Helene highly enough, if you have a fear, phobia, anxiety or you feel something in life is holding you back she can and will help you.

    Ken M.


    Helene is one of the most effective NLP practitioners I have ever experienced. Through her supportive guidance, we were able to eliminate my life long struggle with anxiety. She found me in the midst of a constant state of panic, and with her intuitive guidance and visualisations I found myself completely relaxed, and even laughing by the end of the session. I have not experienced anxiety since. Helene has a natural ability, a keen mind and unparalleled intuition that sets her above most other practitioners. The results of a session with Helene are instantly life-changing.

    Sara C.


    Helene is a great coach. She uses a combination of practical tools and her amazing intuition to help you reset your thinking and views of yourself to achieve great results in your business and life. I loved the sessions as they helped me focus on the important things to work on in order to get what I want for myself and my business. Helene helped me bring out the best in myself so I can continue to build my best business. Awesome stuff! Thanks Helene.

    Maureen P.


    We were able to to identify the precise source of my procrastination habit. During our NLP sessions she was able to surgically remove that issue as though it had been a tumor on my unconscious mind. I am more clear, less prone to distraction, and more productive becomes of all the help she gives me. Thanks Helene!

    Brian H.


    Helene Weiss is an NLP master who can dissolve your blocks from over 5,000 km away without even breaking a sweat. She smiles sweetly through the whole session and works respectfully to help you massage the knots out of your addled brain so you can find a safe place and new perspective on how things really are. And I LOVE that. Thank you Helene!

    Melanie W.


    Working with Helene was refreshing and incredibly enlightening. I love Helene’s way of working; she is very passionate about what she is doing and beautifully held space for me to work through some pretty tough stuff. She guided, challenged, and supported me to work with some painful thoughts and emotions but her kind, light and encouraging approach made it easy to embrace the process and completely open up with her. It all seemed to progress so easily. It was incredible that I felt such relief and insight into really longstanding issues in such a short period of time. This way of working is powerful and I can’t wait to work with Helene again.

    Nathalie H.


    Helene very compassionately helped me uncover a block and break through that which was preventing me from being all of who I am due to some past conditioning. Since our session I've felt more free and with much stronger self esteem.

    Tess P.


    I have been struggling with feelings of apathy and mild depression. Helene was great at making me feel comfortable, so that I could be open and honest about my thoughts and feelings. But she also kept on challenging my assumptions and provoking me to step out of my comfort zone. She was great at keeping this balance between comfort and discomfort, which left me with raised energy levels and a more optimistic outlook.

    Philippe D.


    I was so stuck in my head about where i wanted to go with my business. I needed somebody who could help me get clear about my goals. I also needed someone who could understand the heart of my business. BEST DECISION EVER to work with her! She understands us entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into our businesses. She will provide you with the right tools so you can get a new understanding of yourself and your business. You will become clear about your goal, how to get there and grow your business to the next level. I loved working with you Helene!

    Nicole P.


    I am incredibly thankful to Helene for helping me change the way I look at time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and trying to cram too much into too short a space with deadlines looming, she gifted me with a practical visualisation that makes time feel infinite - and it is making all the difference both to my stress levels and how relaxed I am about getting things done. It is even helping me get the kids out the door without totally losing my patience!

    Michelle W.