Workshop: Make A Living By Simply Being Yourself!

Trying not to think how much time you have left in Bali? Because you’re dreading the idea of going back home? Because you haven’t figured it out just yet?

Imagine you had total freedom, no financial restrictions and time to travel whenever you want. Imagine to be paid for just BEING, so that you can do what you love for a living. Does that sound good?
Now, are you afraid that you’re stuck in your current life forever and won’t find a way out? And if you left, do you worry that money will run out sooner or later and you’ll have to go back to your old job with everyone pointing fingers at you?

Then you are exactly the one I want to see in my workshop!

Because I’m creating space for people where it’s safe to be yourself. I help you find clarity in who you are deep down so that it feels good to make you own choices. From this space, you’ll carve your own path to express yourself freely and live your heart’s desire.


Trust me: In 3 intensive days we’ll assess the sh*t out of you! You’ll learn how you’re naturally wired and what that means for the work that you need to do and how to do it.

You’ll find it easy to make decisions afterwards because you’ll have a new understanding of yourself that gives you certainty from here on forward. It’s pretty easy once you know!

Once and for all you’ll finally gain clarity on what it is you were put on this earth to do! We’ll dig out the answer to your truest, deepest calling and learn what your natural talents are to implement your mission. This really works.

Everything will be crystal clear to you by the end and you’ll know exactly what steps to take next to fulfil your mission.  So here’s what you’ll get:

By the end you’ll know…

  • Your true talents that add value to others.
  • The key to work with your brain.
  • Your soul’s true calling.
  • A clear life vision based on your calling.
  • Your next steps to making your calling a living.

You’ll walk out…

  • Knowing WHY you actually want to get up in the morning!
  • Knowing HOW to be authentic in about anything that you do.
  • Knowing WHAT your next steps are.