About Me


The Iron Curtain

I was born in East Germany. My parents, my sister and I left when the ‘wall came down’ in 1989. This was 4 days after my 7th birthday and my first lesson in learning that… THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE.

Beyond Borders

I was often described as the girl with no limitations or boundaries. That’s probably because I had to adapt to new environments pretty quickly and take nothing for granted: 4 schools in 2 years after 1989 and 8 countries in 8 years later on. I learned about the many shades of grey between what’s black and white, and I learned: TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED.

L’Auberge Espagnole

I did my BA in Communications and partied a lot as an exchange student in Spain. Somehow I learned how to communicate in Spanish on the way. How did I do that?! I don’t remember.. What I do remember though is making a friend for life who, 10 years on, is still one of my closest friends despite my many movings around the globe. I BELIEVE IN SOUL BUDDIES.

我饿, 面包 – I’m hungry, bread!

I became the child of a wonderful Chinese family in Beijing while studying Chinese and trying myself in foreign correspondence at a German broadcasting station. Thanks to a 100% language barrier, I learned Chinese in no time: Like a child I was pointing fingers at things repeating what was said. And because I went to language school, I was exchanging Chinese notes with my host mum and chatting away about every day life within 5 months. I understood: To fully embody what you’re learning, you have to… LIVE IT!

Kickin’ It!

I worked with Palestinian refugee students at the United Nations in Syria and fought a kickboxing fight against an Iranian team… and won! I was so proud of myself. I almost sh*t my pants. And this is what I learned: If I can deliberately put myself into a boxing ring with a great likelihood of being seriously harmed, I CAN DO ANYTHING! It’s been my reference point for controlled scary situations ever since. Unfortunately, there weren’t any reference points for spontaneous car bombs.

يمكنك طلب سيارة أجرة من فضلك – Can you order a taxi please?

I studied Classic Arabic in Syria for a year and still couldn’t have a normal conversation with local people. When I said: Could you order me a taxi please? It sounded like: Can thee call for a carriage please…… or something like that. I literally had people in Lebanon laugh into my face when I spoke to them in Classic Arabic. So I shifted gears and took local language lessons: GAME CHANGER!

Meditation Mania

I lived in London for a year to do my Master’s in Diplomacy and learned how to deal with depression. What I found was a Buddhist center to teach me how to mediate, an entire internet full of self-help information and the supplement section at Boots. I meditated like a maniac every morning. And I remember the day I walked home from uni and realized: My negative thoughts had gone. This moment became yet another reference point for me: I HAVE THE POWER TO CONTROL MY MIND!

I AM… Who I Choose To Be

I worked in a call center in Thailand and spent some time in a Buddhist monastery to learn more about the workings of the mind. This experience truly changed the way I saw the world. It opened my view to a more holistic perception of all things being. I could see how ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are all the same. That everything is just an interpretation of what we experience. Our experiences throughout life and their interpretation leave imprints in our memory and are stored in our cells. And that’s all. They’re imprints, not ‘reality’. BECAUSE REALITY IS WHAT I MAKE IT!

Yes, You Can… Find Community!

I had a blast campaigning with a German political party one summer in Berlin. I learned about politics behind the scenes and I learned how to have a good time at work with awesome people. I literally LOVED coming in to work every day having a ball with like-minded youngsters. I understood: COMMUNITY IS KEY TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & LASTING HAPPINESS.

High In Beirut

Finally, when I worked in Lebanon as cultural orientation trainer to Syrian refugees, I did a detox fast and got high from euphoria for 2 days. I had an epiphany: I needed to work with people, not paper… AND on my own terms! So I started to train in coaching while still working at the International Organisation for Migration in Beirut… until I eventually started my own business: SHINE ONLINE!

What I Stand For

I believe that it doesn’t have to be so hard to find your own way and shine your true light. What are the stories that you’ve been telling yourself that have prevented you from shining? What more effective stories can you tell instead? Remember: Everything just IS … an interpretation. It is what we choose to make it.

I believe that we’re all good at something. We’re all unique: There’s no one else who has your fingerprint! And I believe that we’re all leaving a mark on this planet. So why not leave one that actually makes a difference?

I do it by creating space for people where it’s safe to BE yourself, where it’s safe to EXPLORE yourself, and where it’s safe to EXPRESS yourself freely to make your own choices. I’m helping you overcome your internal barriers to be SHAMELESSLY YOURSELF. And I guide you to find your own way to become who you need to be so you can live up to your calling.

I believe that guiding one person at a time makes for a whole lot of shining souls in a lifetime. Now imagine these souls spreading their light enlightening others. That’s my mission! Because together we can make a difference on this planet for generations to come. And I believe we all need to see that change… soon!

Are you ready to take ownership of your life and live up to your highest calling? Are you ready to shamelessly shine your true light to inspire others to do the same? I know you are, because you’ve been reading all the way to here. So let’s do it together. The time is now!

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